How to Organize Your Storage

Today lets organize our storage or inventory. Your storage should be organized in such order that it would be easy to find what you are looking for and don’t spend all week to do stock-taking (inventory checking). It is really easy to do that with some general rules:

  1. Mark all your products with a labels so you can easily track it and store it.
  2. Keep similar type products in the same location. For example if you are looking for a fuse, as soon as you discover one you will find all of them next to it.
  3. Stock all the products with the labels facing you, so it will look professional.
  4. Try to store all your products as soon as possible to avoid road blocks so there will always be a passing way.
  5. Stock items in easy countable stacks like 5+5+5 so inventory checking wont be frustrating.

If you are responsible for restocking new products to keep all stocks full and avoid “out of stock” situation, it is highly recommended to know when and how many you need to order. For this I use “order line”:


It’s similar to “low oil level” – which tell us that it’s time to restock.


Similar strategy can be used on a box if the item type is a bolt or a screw, for example if more than one box of screws is OK, but less than one is below order line, than it is smart to mark last box with a label “order time” ;).


It is mostly useful if there is more than one storage worker and not everyone knows the right ordering time. And we should avoid ordering more than we need because otherwise it can become a wasted material and that equal to wasted money.


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