How do we think lean or How Lean is Ruining My Life

I have found this blog post by Danielle McGuinness with the title ‘How Lean is Ruining My Life‘ she rights about how lean thinkers see and think. I really like the end lines: ‘In truth, I enjoy the challenges presented by the fact that I see waste (wasted time, energy, materials, resources) everywhere! It just means opportunity for improvement is plentiful in the world and there are SO many reasons for us lean thinkers to keep doing what we’re doing and share the learning with others.’

It’s not that hard to be lean, some countries for example Japan is a very lean people country. They are lean not only at work but also at home or even at a friend place. And if you would like to read the whole Danielle’s story, just click the linked title.

Cheers Danielle you’re not alone!


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