Have you ever been laid off? Or your contract was suspended? No, no, no you are a good worker and nobody fired you, it’s just because of market and no more orders so no more work and companies (to survive) have to take hard decisions when one of them is suspending workers.


Nobody is protected, if your company is going down, you are coming together with it. So imagine company is a sinking ship and what are you doing to survive in a sinking ship? Yes you get on a boat and leave the ship. But you are not always aware of whats happening in your working place and at which position is your “sinking ship”, so this decisions is made by captain or captains of the ship (company directors/owners).

But what is this post about? It’s about – what should you do when you get message about layoff. First think relax, cool down and don’t worry you are not fired (you are not fired!). Take a deep breath and finish working your last days with a big smile because after you will have your unplanned vacation and a lot of time for your self. Maybe there was things you never had enough time to finish or even start it? So it’s a perfect time to start it! Next blow out dust from your curriculum vitae (CV) and start to update it with new info and new recommendations.

Recommendations! Get them from your employers and foremans.


In this age looking for a new job is easier than it was 20 years ago. And don’t rush! Now you have all time only for your self, so use it. Maybe after one week, when you done all the things you wanted to do but didn’t had time for it, your ex employer will call you and ask you to come back.

And I will repeat layoff is not fired it’s a new opportunities, maybe you always  wanted to try something else but never thought about it cause you never had a time for that. And now you have time and time is the most valuable thing in the world! So use it wise and enjoy it.


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