About a little me

Vykintas Lean ExpertI’m such a clumsy writer and mostly when it comes writing about my self.

I came from Lithuania and Lithuanians are not like me but there is a lot of really diligent people. For example in my family all members were treated in such a way so the job is in a first place (well if you don’t have children who needs to be placed in 1st place, but even with them and with good planning or lean skills that’s not a problem).

work injuryI like to work fast and I like to compete, but if I don’t have who to compete with I will compete with my self. And if there would be a working time records I would be on the top of it ;).

Team work – oh no, if you want to be friends with me, better do what I tell you.

I like changeless and don’t afraid to risk. Always try something new, improvising, improving, planing my work and thats why I’m getting good results.

But I’m also not prefect, I also have a negative side:

  • I can’t relax and have a normal rest (my breakfast and lunch at work is usually thinking about work, when other would say that I’m… YES PROBABLY I AM WORKAHOLIC!)
  • I hate irresponsible workers, especially when I need to work with them together (team work)
  • I can’t stand in one spot, I always need to move, be busy, improve, think, think, think and one more time think
  • And if someone don’t listen to me or ignores my ideas… I will find a way to fulfill it my self

Furthermore all of this I love jokes (stand up comedy type), I can shoot a good joke or two in any situation ;). My possibility to communicate in 6 languages (yes six) show that I’m quite communicative plus I’m extrovert  (or should we count it as minus instead? :)). I treat people the way I would like to be treated, respect older and usual give a valuable lessons for younger (well if they are ready to accept them).

And thats only a beginning as for any person in the world, who could get a best seller out of his simple (well that’s how you interpret) life story.


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