Your organized working place

Could you find any tool in your working place with your eyes closed? If you say it is impossible then you need to think about organizing your workspace. Trust me, when you keep all your tools in the same location you will find them with your eyes closed. And I will give you some pictures to have a good example of what it should look like.


How to Organize Your Storage

Today lets organize our storage or inventory. Your storage should be organized in such order that it would be easy to find what you are looking for and don’t spend all week to do stock-taking (inventory checking). It is really easy to do that with some general rules:

  1. Mark all your products with a labels so you can easily track it and store it.
  2. Keep similar type products in the same location. For example if you are looking for a fuse, as soon as you discover one you will find all of them next to it.
  3. Stock all the products with the labels facing you, so it will look professional.
  4. Try to store all your products as soon as possible to avoid road blocks so there will always be a passing way.
  5. Stock items in easy countable stacks like 5+5+5 so inventory checking wont be frustrating.

If you are responsible for restocking new products to keep all stocks full and avoid “out of stock” situation, it is highly recommended to know when and how many you need to order. For this I use “order line”:


It’s similar to “low oil level” – which tell us that it’s time to restock.


Similar strategy can be used on a box if the item type is a bolt or a screw, for example if more than one box of screws is OK, but less than one is below order line, than it is smart to mark last box with a label “order time” ;).


It is mostly useful if there is more than one storage worker and not everyone knows the right ordering time. And we should avoid ordering more than we need because otherwise it can become a wasted material and that equal to wasted money.

Waste recycling

Hello wasters!

Why wasters? Because you waste your time on reading my blog! Well this waste is a good long term investment for the future. So be conscious where you waste your precious time.

Today I want to talk about a real waste, usually we call it trash, litter or rubbish. Do you know what is the most common waste? It’s paper (tree killers!). How can you kill a tree like that?Wonder-tree

Nevertheless most paper is now recycled and is being used several times, so don’t forget to recycle!

First of all, what is that recycling? Recycling is a process to change waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to plastic production.

In my words recycling is a big process which includes a lot of small processes. Some of them we usually do at home or at work: like sorting paper, plastic, metal or glass. But don’t forget to crash everything in small peaces so they don’t take up a lot of space. It is very important to do that for the bigger companies, so they avoid extra expenses. For example: Lets try to recycle this full box of paper. Or is it already recycled?


Recycle process is very easy, sometimes even fun, and it doesn’t waste much of our time. For this you will need one, or for a better effect, two legs and do it like they make a wine in France :D.


Voilà vine breeders! You don’t have to press until the juice will show up. And as you can see the trash box is half way full, not overfilled anymore ;).

So why do we need this? Why to recycle paper that way? To save more space in a paper container. Otherwise your company directors need to pay more, like x2 or even x3 times more.

Imagine you have your own company where you usually recycle containers 3-4 times per month. And now when you know how to crash paper like this to save more than 50% of the container space, you will save more than 50% of your money for recycling company. 

Good luck with recycling and save the trees.

Lean production is easy

Hello world!

Hehe thats what they write in the first post when you create a new wordpress blog. Probably I should use it too ;). So first of all I’m not a writer or a bloger or perfect in English language so be preprepared for everything.

My name is Vykintas and I have decided to spreed my knowledge about lean production. If you still don’t know what it is Lean manufacturing or lean production, often simply “lean“, is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing process. What!?… WASTE!?… Ups probably I’m in a wrong boat or I was informed wrong. OK if we imagine like this: the word waste = “time – we waste while working“. Then it would be closer to my understanding of a lean production. Never the less if you want more story about lean manufacturing you can get more information by flowing the words with a links.

So why I changed my understanding about the word waste in to a wasted time? It’s just because my lean production is concentrated on time which you work and which you waste while working. No no no don’t understand me wrong! It have nothing to do with drinking coffee, smoking, talking to co-workers or at all doing nothing, but we still should consider this as a waste of time ;). First lets look at one short video:

Yeh yeh I know that it’s more than 60 years difference and quantity of a crew members (and I’m not a F1 fan), but if we look at 2013 pit stop time, we will see that they don’t waste even 0.01s.

OK, so where we can save time when we already not wasting it even on a picking nose? Well there is still a lot of places  where we can waste it, and the biggest one is a bad working order. Just think about it when you need to pick up new parts for your order in 10th floor, when you work in the 1st. Yes I know, who would have make such a bad layout for your daily work (shoot him)… But trust me even if you need to walk 5m every time to pick up something for completing your job. Sooner or later you will move your self to be closer to that location or that location will come closer to you (If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed).

In my working experience I have observed a lot situations and this is one of them: I am producing different type of parts and components for other parts. And place them in a location where someone comes and picks them up when they need them. After some weeks of observing I have noticed a better location for it. It was only 5m closer to everyone who will be in need of this component, so I was thinking like this: “5m closer it means 10m because they are walking forward to pick up and backward to their working place and plus on their way there will be lees of time waste like, chatting with everybody who they are passing by”. Maybe this sound crazy and useless and like some people tell me, that I try to save seconds when the projects lasts weeks to finish… And I see everything like this: seconds for one person, minutes for all worker, hours for one department and it’s becoming a days for all the company. And now you ask your director “How much our company earns in one day?” And thats how much I have saved with only 5m.

Lets call this a small intro in to a big world and I will give you much more examples, videos and photos of a good/bad lean production working style.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading.