So How is Your Production Speed?

Is it growing? Does it take less time to produce? Yes/No? Do you know why? Sure you do! That’s great if you do know but let me explain my point of view. So there is a production and a worker (who works with that specific production). Worker have his own working style and production have […]

All the secrets of great company Toyota

Well it’s not any more a secret, because it is on youtube and most companies are using this type of system or similar. Also you can read it more on wikia¬†or buy a book about it. But if you want it simple just follow this two simple rules: – Quality must be built in during […]

Lean production is easy

Hello world! Hehe thats what they write in the first post when you create a new wordpress blog. Probably I should use it too ;). So first of all I’m not a writer or a bloger or perfect in English language so be preprepared for everything. My name is Vykintas and I have decided to […]