So How is Your Production Speed?

Is it growing? Does it take less time to produce? Yes/No? Do you know why? Sure you do!

That’s great if you do know but let me explain my point of view.

So there is a production and a worker (who works with that specific production). Worker have his own working style and production have its own working plan. At one moment worker becomes familiar with production and as a result that makes him working faster. You can’t tell the same about production it self (“production becomes familiar with workers working style and start produce faster” – bulls shit…). Production it self can’t become faster if no one is doing any changes to it.

Now how fast can your worker move? Or how long he can move fast like that? Where is that workers speed coming from?

When you don’t need to look at the working plan/documents/drawings/etc and do all the job only by using your head (as a memory device) that’s when you start working really fast and faster than that is unreasonable. Of course there is some freaks that is trying to reach a light speed but is this the kind of workers that you should be looking for? NO! How can you replace him when he will be gone? Production speed will go down to critical level!

What I try to say is that you should not work on improving your workers working speed. High working speed can lead to bad consequences in the production. Speed will come naturally with experience and it doesn’t have to be a light speed to do the job. If you will always work on improving the production speed it self what is not connected with human speed and in the way that if some one else would take over he wont need to have extraordinary memory or speed of lightning to produce at a same level as before. And if process will become simple to understand and easy to do it then it will naturally become fast.

Find a ways to improve production speed because it doesn’t have any limits and avoid improving workers speed because it can lead to bad consequences. Well in case you are trying to build army of 300 Spartan then you should do opposite ;).

Less questions = more work done (period).